Why the Tree of Life?



I asked for a grainmill a couple of years ago and got one for Christmas. When we were assembling it, the hopper didn't fit, and when we tried to order a replacement, it was on backorder. Months later, we finally got the new hopper, but by this time we had misplaced the grinder. We finally found both pieces, and after some persuasion with a rubber mallet, got the thing put together. The boys ground a whole bag of lentils to get the metal shaving cleared out. They enjoyed it so much that they fought for the rights to do it. I'm planning on having the boys grind wheat, and then we'll make bread from it as an upcoming activity. Will post about it when we do!

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  1. That looks really neat -- perfect for that age! Reminds me of the apple peeling/coring machine that we used to crank for hours as kids. :-)