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Jingle Braids

This week Kirven made Jingle Braids out of the Enki Seasonal Crafts Book. He was very interested in learning how to braid and ended up making a total of five braids on Thursday, and then several more on Friday. We bought four more skeins of yarn Tuesday as I came to see that we would probably go through the yarn we had rather quickly. Now we have enough that Kirven can make as many as he would like.

We also have enough that Dunagan can thread washers while Kirven works on his craft.

After he finished braiding, I tied a knot in the end and added a jingle bell. On Friday, during naptime, he requested keeping one of the skeins in his quiet bin, which I realized was a good idea, and I also showed him how to tie them off on his own so that I could go back to sleep.

Oh, we found that tying the weights to the ends of the yarn as recommended only caused things to get all tangled up. Part of the problem was that, at the beginning, Kirven wasn't minding that his ends stayed separated. He needed to keep pulling them to their alternating sides, but he wasn't doing that, and the bottom was braiding itself. He did a lot better when I took the weights off, though.

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