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Milk and Eggs

Milk and Eggs was our Enki Kindergarten Folk Tale for this week. It's a Russian tale about a husband who goes to market for his wife to buy milk and eggs, but has trouble figuring out how to bring them home. He ends up putting the milk in his hat and then turning the hat over to put the eggs in. When he gets home to show his wife the eggs, she asks where the milk is, and then he turns his hat over, and the eggs go splat.

We read each story at least three times during the week, and after the first reading, Kirven said, "Let's read that one at least four times this week!" The funny and interesting thing is, as much as he enjoyed this story, he didn't actually get the punchline. He got that it was supposed to be funny, and I could tell that he knows something is going on here that he isn't quite grasping yet; perhaps it offers just enough challenge to him to be really intriguing. It was very hard for me not to explain the humor to him, but I was good and have left him room to discover it on his own. I think we will return to this story again later.

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