Why the Tree of Life?


New Trailer

Kirven and Dunagan's great-great grandfather (I think I'm counting right), John Dunagan Kirven, had a huge ranch near Waco that has been kept in the family. There's no longer a house there, so we've just been camping whenever we've gone up there. Ranch trips were such a prominent part of Evan's childhood that it has been really important to him that it be a part of our children's lives as well, but it has been difficult to actually make it up there unless the weather is perfect and the stars are aligned. So, this trailer has been in the works for a long time, and it actually materialized last month.

Here are the two sets of bunk beds and is also a space for tabletops.

The middle of the trailer has the living, cooking and eating areas.

And the other end of the trailer has a queen bed. The boys have had a grand time fixing it up with Dad and Grandpa and "provisioning" it. They moved the trailor up to the ranch a couple of weekends ago, and it is ready to go. I'm excited that we have a place to really get away and be in nature, regardless of the season. You can even see the stars at night. Plus, Evan will get to share all his favorite boyhood activities with Kirven, Dunagan and Ayla. So far, they mostly associate the ranch with s'mores, but that's gonna change. And the trailer has room for guests!


  1. Oh! Oh! When can we come??? ;-) We'll bring a tent!

  2. Seriously, you can come! Maybe in the spring we'll organize a big trip.

  3. Jennifer,
    This is great! We have been in the market for a small pop up too. We are so thrilled for you all. Enjoy!

  4. You will have so much fun! Evan must be so happy to have the ability to do something he did as a kid. It's a huge blessing.