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Ribbon Staff

Kirven made the Ribbon Staff today out of the Enki Seasonal Crafts book. At first, he was resistant to the idea, but as I started setting everything up, he jumped right in. After I had everything ready, I told him and Dunagan a story about a fox who saw a rabbit go into a hole. The fox decided he wanted to eat the rabbit, but since he needed to go pee (which made the boys really laugh since they can relate), he marked the rabbit hole with an X in the dirt so that he could find it when he got back. The rabbit, sensing the fox was gone, poked his ear out and then his nose and then ran out of the hole to another hole. When the fox returned, he couldn't find the X since the rabbit had erased it on his way out, and so the fox couldn't find the right hole. The fox was very confused by this, and the boys were relieved that the rabbit had gotten away and thought it a great joke that they knew that the rabbit was gone and safe, but that the fox was still looking for it.

After I told the story, I took the first ribbon and slowly tied a bow as I said a rhyming verse about the fox marking an X, and then one rabbit ear poking up, then the nose, and then the rabbit running away. The verse really helped Kirven. He watched me do it a couple more times, and then he told me that if I would just be quiet, he could figure it out! So, I walked away, and Dunagan and I played with Ayla. Kirven tied five bows all by himself, and the craft board worked really, really well to hold his stick steady. I don't think it would have been a success without it. When he finally succeeded with the first bow, he was so shocked and proud of himself! It is so much fun for me to watch him learning something new, and it is quite a challenge to know when to help and when to sit back and let him struggle.

Dunagan planned on doing a ribbon staff making just knots, but by the time Kirven had finished his (he probably worked on it for a good 30+ minutes), Dunagan wasn't interested anymore. But Kirven let him share in the glory.


  1. Did you make up the fox & the rabbit story or was it an Enki story?
    Also, have you ever thought of putting a feedburner thing so people ,like me , could subscribe to your blog? I would be really happy to get all your post right in my email acct : )

  2. Hi Laurel,

    I recently added a 'subscribe' button on my blog, and I'm trying out the new 'follower' feature. I'm not clear on what the difference is between them. Is that what you're looking for? Glad you're finding my posts helpful!


  3. Oh, and I did make up the story. The instructions mentioned that a story along those lines would be helpful, but I had to flesh it out.