Why the Tree of Life?


Welcome Fall!

I changed our nature table Sunday night as the first day of Autumn was Monday. Kirven was the first to notice the change. I used an orange, a red, and a yellow silk, and we have a little wooden squirrel and a little wooden mouse. We bought some small pumpkins and decorative squashes today at the grocery store as well.

I think we are going to take all of our Summer 'finds' down to the Austin Nature Center. Supposedly, you earn points if you take them nature things, and then you can 'buy' something cool, like a horse skull, when you have enough points.


  1. Very inspiring! I want to do one!

  2. Hey, can we all go together? I would love to share our discoveries first, and then go turn them in. It would give the kids two chances to talk about it. Let me know.

    And Ayla! With a tooth! Smarty girl, knowing she wants to eat!