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Wet-on-Wet Watercolor

I thought I would show the tray that I soak our paper in. It is not listed in the Enki supplies and it was an impulse buy when I was at the art store, but I love it. It is the perfect size, it sits nicely on top of my sink, and I store all of our painting materials (minus paper and boards) in it when not in use. It is called a Butcher's Tray (if I remember correctly) and painters use it as a palette for mixing paint. I have heard other people say they use their sink, but my sink isn't quite wide enough, and the paper curls up, needing lots of water. I have heard other people say they use their bathtub, but mine always looks like this from the boys' daily excursions in the sandbox:

And Kirven's painting today. We used two reds and a yellow.

Dunagan's supplies didn't come yet, though he asked repeatedly about them, and was convinced that the package would arrive while we were painting today. I asked him if he wanted to finger paint while we were painting, but he said no. Hopefully, his materials will come by next week!

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