Why the Tree of Life?


Blue and Red

... but mostly blue. Aunt Hillary joined us yesterday for painting, and Dunagan's painting supplies finally arrived, so he was able to paint, too! Hip, hip, hooray! No tantrums today! He had his own brush, his own painting board, and his own little jars of paint, as you can see above. Last week I diluted finger paints with slimy, unsatisfactory results. This week, I mixed up thin tempera from powder, and had great results. The only difference, besides some lack of vibrancy, was that it dried just a little powdery looking, though not actually powdery. I'm very pleased with this solution. Maybe you can tell the difference in the pictures? I actually think I got Kirven's blue too thick this week (after all my trouble with it being too thin!) because it was, wow, blue, and the red had no chance.



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