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Colored Corn

Colored corn proved to be a little more difficult to find this year than in years past. I spent several weeks looking for it. It was not at Michael's. It was not at Hobby Lobby. It was not at Central Market. St. John's Methodist Church Pumpkin patch had sold out. I finally thought of and found it at Whole Foods! And then, the very next day when I went to vote early at Randall's, a grocery store I don't shop at, there it was in their front doorway. Of course. Kirven and I shook our heads at each other.

We're doing another farm to food project. We brought home 9 ears of colored corn; three for our nature table, three for Kirven and three for Dunagan. The boys spent over an hour happily shelling the corn off the cobs into bowls.

Since I had no idea if the colored corn was safe to eat since it is meant for decoration, I bought popping corn for us to grind. I couldn't find anything else, unfortunately, and it proved to be incredibly hard stuff. Kirven ground about 3 tablespoons before giving up. He was jumping and pulling so hard on the handle that Dunagan and I couldn't hold the table down. Evan has suggested to me that I need to loosen up the grind, and grind it more than once. Perhaps that is where we are going wrong.

We were going to make cornbread today, but that didn't happen. I've decided to move our baking day to Tuesday, which I think will be easier for us in the future. By Friday afternoon, we're all just waiting for Dad to get home so we can begin the weekend.

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