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Daddy & Dunagan Date

Today Daddy & Dunagan went on a "date". Just us, no Mommy or siblings. Since Ayla's arrival, Dunagan and Kirven have both been in need of some one-on-one time with us. Dunagan really enjoyed having me all to himself. We spent our time doing whatever he wanted and eating whatever he wanted (except for the Starbucks run, that was Dad's idea).

After nap we left the house and ran a quick errand, then got some coffee for me. The Iced Lemon Pound Cake was humming to us, so that was our first treat.

Next we rode the Zilker Zephyr and played on the playscape for a long time. A highlight was getting to watch them change the LP tank. I think this was the first thing he mentioned when we got home.

For supper, we had a Big Kahuna pizza. This is, hands down, Dunagan's favorite meal. It's really the pineapple on the pizza that he likes best. You have to protect your own piece or he'll snitch all your pineapple while you're not looking!

We finished the night with Amy's Ice Cream. While we were at Amy's, Jennifer sent me a text that Kirven was "dying" to know where we were. Apparently, we were out longer than he thought we should have been. So, tomorrow night, when it's his turn, "we are going to have to stay out even longer..." :-)

Hopefully, we can separate the leech from Mommy for three or four hours next weekend so that she can have dates with the boys, too.

BTW, this is my first post! Jennifer has been nagging me to post & this seemed an appropriate first.

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