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Daddy & Kirven Date

Today was Kirven's turn for some Daddy time. Kirven's plans were not as concrete as Dunagan's. The only for sure thing was Amy's Ice Cream. In fact, he was pushing to eat breakfast at Amy's and was quite disappointed to have to wait until after supper.

We started our adventure with a quick trip to Target to pick up a candy collection/carrying device. I'll leave our find for a later post with their costumes. Next, we stopped at Zilker park but it was crowded due to a Halloween festival so we opted instead for Longview Park. That was much quieter and more Kirven's speed.

Kirven has become camera shy lately. You have to time your snaps well, as evidenced below...

After lots of play and walking around the park, we went to supper at Azul Tequila. Kirven enjoyed his fajitas "with everything." Yes, everything. Beef, onions, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, lettuce, beans, rice, and pico de gallo. Fortunately, getting him to eat has not been to hard lately!

Of course, we capped the night with ice cream which made the whole day a success for Kirven!


  1. Did I read this right? Evan, you got Amy's TWICE??! Two days in a row??! I'm jealous, but I am glad your got some fun time one on one with the boys. We don't do those often enough, but you've inspired me to make it more of a priority.

  2. Good for you! And you both will be so glad some day that you documented the day!

  3. Yes, folks that's right. Amy's twice in two days! And when you don't eat much sugar regularly...ugh. Tastes great goin' down; but the stomach ache gets ya.