Why the Tree of Life?


Red and Yellow

Dunagan's painting materials still haven't come in the mail (I think USPS lost the package!), but I decided to make due so that he could paint too. I used diluted finger paints (crayola brand), but it didn't give me the desired effect. There was a slimy quality to it, and it really didn't paint well at all. Dunagan didn't seem to mind, though. I'm going to try tempera next week for him.


I finally got the dilution right on Kirven's paints. We had much more vibrant colors today!


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  1. Well yes, but if the Crayolas worked beautifully, you'd be mad at yourself for spending oodles more to have the Good Stuff shipped to you. Now you can confidently say you made good investment, if it ever reaches you.
    Silver lining there for ya.