Why the Tree of Life?



We made pom-poms today from the Enki Kindergarten Seasonal Craft book. Kirven made the rainbow one first, and then the orange one. I made the blue one for Dunagan.

The most difficult part was cutting the yarn around the outside of the pattern without it all falling apart before I could get the string tight around the center of it. Kirven really enjoyed this project and made the orange one on his own initiative. And it had to have a bell, of course.

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  1. Nice Pom-Poms guys! We just made a fun thing with our pom-poms. I knitted a rectangle large enough to fit around a toilet paper tube. I used brown yarn and knitted random rows of stockinette stitch, and reverse stockinette, and purl, and straight knitting. The rows of stitches were very random to simulate the bark on a tree. We stretched the "bark" around the toilet paper tube and sewed it up. Annie made a large pom-pom for the top. We used random colors of green, orange, yellow and red to make it look like an autumn tree. It is a great toy for the kids to play with and it looks so cute on our seasonal table. I will post a pic of it soon.