Why the Tree of Life?


Six Months

Already! Ayla is already six months old. The time is absolutely flying. It took forever for Kirven to reach six months... and we thought we were such veteran parents by then. We felt like we had had Kirven for forever. I think it's safe to say that Evan and I have been parents long enough now to realize we've hardly begun. Dunagan's babyhood flew, too, but not nearly as fast as Ayla's seems to be. Seriously, I gave birth to her yesterday.

But I have also reached that point that I reached with both the boys where I have a hard time remembering what life was like without Ayla.

I wish I could freeze time. I love Ayla's toothless grin. I love her belly-flop scoot mode of transport, that's already disappearing now that she is really and truly crawling. I love when she rolls on her side and looks up at me like a lazy odalisque. I love when she sticks her tongue out at me so that I will copy her. I love how much she loves the boys, and that they can make her laugh just by her hearing their voices in another room. And I am happy that she is happy.

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