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Stone Soup

Last week, we read Stone Soup from the Enki Kindergarten Folk Tales, and today we made Stone Soup for lunch! We got the pot on by 7am, so it was really nice and rich and thick by lunchtime. We only put things in that were in the story, so we had: a round gray stone, yellow onions, long thin carrots (that the boys chopped), juicy beef bones, salt and pepper, and butter and barley. It was really very tasty! And Geena, our dog, loved the bones I fished out when it was done. We have plenty of soup left for tomorrow.

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  1. And did you also fish out the gray stone???

    I love making (and eating soups)...one of my favorites was a carrot soup that we made after reading a story about a rabbit and a badger (I think) playing out in the snow and then coming in for a warm cup of carrot soup. We ate the soup in cups, too, which was fun!!