Why the Tree of Life?



We're doing a 'field to bread' type of activity. We threshed and winnowed wheat this week. It was really a lot of fun. The threshing part was very easy, and I didn't have to do more than just show them what to do, but the winnowing was a bit more difficult. I turned on our porch fans to create a breeze, and then I tossed the threshed wheat into the air and caught it again in the bowl. The chaff did blow away quite easily, but the heavier bits of chaff never did fly away. I'm really curious now how one does go about getting just the wheat berries and none of the chaff. Kirven winnowed some, but was so careful about it that he didn't really toss it up out of the bowl; and Dunagan tossed 80% of it out of the bowl and onto the porch. But no problem, because we weren't going to actually eat this wheat since it was really meant to be used in someone's Thanksgiving centerpiece decoration.

I found this idea in Earthways, which is a great book and fits in very nicely with Enki. We're going to hand grind food-grade wheat berries this week, and then bake bread with our flour on Friday.

I highly recommend doing this activity outside (very messy). And also, if available, a wooden bowl would work best. Anything else will break, crack or be really, really loud. My plastic bowl does have a nice crack in it now. And this amount of wheat was just about right. I don't think they would have made it through two bundles. But it was a lot of fun.


  1. Very impressive. Y'all totally need to join us in our obsession with listening to LHOP books on CD. Talk about making things by hand!
    Did you go a wheat field?

  2. I ended up going to Michael's Craft store. I would have loved to have gotten it from a field with the boys, but didn't know where or how or who...

  3. Wow, you continue to impress me!! Thank you so much for sharing all of your ideas and activities! I think we'll try growing wheat next year so we can do a wheat-to-bread thing full-on. If it works, I'll mail you some wheat in the fall! :)

  4. That would be great, Shelley!

  5. what a great learning activity! mind if i steal it for our homeschool?? not sure were i'd get raw wheat around here, though...