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Dunagan's Zoo Trip

Grammy and Grandpa took Dunagan to the zoo while we were in Waxahachie.

He spent the whole day visiting all the exhibits and rode the merry-go-round and the train twice. He got to eat at Burger King and got a little light up, plastic kitty with his kids' meal that has become a prized possession.

As I understand it, Dunagan had only one request, and that was to see the rattlesnake. Reptiles, and fierce animals in general, have become a source of interest for him lately. He even asked for a frog for Christmas, preferably one of the colorful ones (are they poisonous?), I'm assuming, from the exotic pets store.

But see, it all starts with a frog, doesn't it? Then it will be a little grass snake... maybe a corn snake... and then it will be a constrictor. Something that can sneak out of its cage and kill us in our sleep. Grammy knows what I'm talking about! And I want no encouragement from Uncle Taylor, DVM.

But I digress. Really, I think I can get over the fear factor and be a good homeschooling mommy... but, the smell. The smell will be a little more of a hurdle.

Truly, it warms my heart how much he loves animals, even the creepy kind, which he obliviously thinks mommy loves, too, and won't mind having in our house.

Here's Dunagan on the zoo train. It can't get much better than that for him: animals and machinery all in one place!


  1. How cool that your parents did a solo outing with him!
    FWIW, Ian went through a reptile-coveting phase, and we compromised with a marble gecko, which doesn't seem to have smell issues, and doesn't need to be fed live mammals. :-)

  2. Oh whoops, that last comment was from me, Hannah. Someone else used my computer and logged in with their account, sorry!