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Felted Balls

Felted balls. May I quote the kit instructions? "Making felt balls is a fun and relaxing activity for young and old."

Here are our "balls":

We followed the instructions included in the felting kit, but this is what we got. Dunagan was the first to give up. Ayla has been pulling up on everything, but she has also been falling over and bonking her head, so since she was awake, and had already hurt herself a couple times, I had put her in the Ergo so that I could continue to work with Kirven. While she was fussing and grabbing my hair in both fists and pulling in opposite directions, I was trying to bounce her into happiness and felt my wad of wool. Kirven decided to give up on his first attempt and went with a smaller strategy. He actually got his to felt some. Mine did nothing. NOTHING! Mine's that biggest ball of mess in the picture. My second attempt is the second to smallest ball on the right. A little better, but I knew it still wasn't right.

Finally, I was on the verge of screaming in frustration. And the boys were running around screaming, so I kicked them out of the house and took Ayla (who was still pulling my hair) out of the Ergo before I had a mommy tantrum.

That night, way past my bedtime, I searched youtube for the right instructions, and I was ecstatic to find vindication in this video, which is pretty much the exact opposite of the instructions included in my kit. We will be doing wet felting again soon, but we will be doing it this way from CrunchyParent:

And Part II:

So, now, I am back to looking forward to doing felting sometime in the future. Let's all just forget this ever happened, shall we?

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  1. Hurray for Youtube!

    I would have been over the edge, too. Can't think straight when there's a hair-pulling baby in my face!