Why the Tree of Life?



When Daddy asked Dunagan what he would like to carve his pumpkin, Dunagan said 'Flames.' After many rounds of questioning, we finally determined that Dunagan wanted his pumpkin to be flames, as in, shooting up to the sky in a fireball. Cool.

So, we promised to set Dunagan's on fire the next night. Kirven was appalled at the idea, and kept reiterating to Dunagan that he 'wouldn't have a pumpkin on Halloween'. Was he ok with that? Yep. He knew what he was doing.

The next night, Daddy dosed the pumpkin with diesel fuel and used a wad of toilet paper as a wick.

It took awhile for the thing to actually light, and Dunagan kept wanting to know when it was going to shoot off, or at least burst dramatically into flames. Mommy was wondering that, too.

Mostly, it just smoked and smelled like burning diesel. Dunagan was clearly disappointed. Mommy was a bit disappointed as well, but Daddy said that the city probably wouldn't like us doing much more than we did (much less the neighbors). Dunagan has requested that next year we go someplace where we can really make the pumpkin burn.


  1. Oh my gosh, Jennifer! The whole series of pumpkin posts and photos has me absolutely rolling with laughter!!!

  2. It might not have been what Dunagan had in mind, but the fire glowing through the flame carving sure looks cool in the pictures!