Why the Tree of Life?



It's been a little quiet around here on the blog because we have been in my hometown of Waxahachie, TX, since November 3rd, visiting all the grandparents. Evan stayed behind and is taking the opportunity to get a lot of work done at home. I had intended for us to keep to our routine since we aren't technically on vacation from school, and last week, I did pretty well, but this week...well, let's just say that Ayla and I are enjoying lots of naps together. I've given in and admitted that our non-vacation is actually a vacation. I've even allowed myself to read fiction (a love that is too absorbing for me to indulge in typically these days).

Both sets of grandparents have been spending lots of time with the boys, and both grandfathers seem to have made it their mission to get Ayla to be happy in their arms away from me. And they've been pretty successful, I must say, because she has been more willing this week to be away from me a little bit.

The boys are even getting some individual time with each set of grandparents as well. Dunagan went to the zoo with Evan's parents on Monday, and they've taken Kirven to the zoo today, while my parents have taken Dunagan to an airplane museum up in Addison. Dunagan also got to visit one of the firehouses in town last week, and got a personal tour of their new truck-- ah, the benefits of a small town! Both boys went fishing with Evan's parents at the farm, and Dunagan caught three fish, and Kirven caught five! Pictures to come soon, probably next week. And the boys made a birthday cake for Grandpa with Grammy yesterday, and it was even 'Baking Day'! Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

I had hoped to get a chance to take them to a local beekeeper that my mom knows (we have been reading The Magic School Bus Inside a Beehive), but apparently bees are hostile as the weather gets cooler, so we'll have to save that for another visit. My parents are planning on taking Kirven up Reunion Tower (or 'the ball' as it's called) in Dallas, which is always fun since you can see for miles around. They've also thought about taking Kirven to the 911 command center (Dad's a retired city employee), but I'm not sure if it will make much sense to him or if it is too removed from something he can understand.

I'm also, believe it or not, going to let Kirven watch his first non-nature film movie tonight or tomorrow night: The Incredibles. This will actually be as much of a big step for him as it is for me because he would have found something like this way too scary only a month or so ago. So, while we're not doing as much Enki work this week, the boys are definitely learning.

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  1. What a wonderful trip it sounds like you're having with your family. Enjoy the relaxation!