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Enki 1st Grade

I ordered Enki 1st Grade at the end of November, and it came before Christmas... all 7 binders, 2 spirals and 7 cds/dvds of it. Whew. It's a lot to get through. We still have several months of kindergarten to go, but I knew it would take me that long to read through the new material and digest it. For the moment, it is sitting in the back of my closet, waiting until after the New Year.


  1. Jennifer,
    It can be very overwhelming. I actually read through mine 3 times before I started first grade and I'm still reading (I think I must be a bit slow). But you are way ahead of us. We didn't use Enki for Kinder and I got 13 binders in the mail with my first grade package (it included the EC binders as well).

    I'm glad to see you're blogging again.
    Hope you had a great Holiday!

  2. carrotflowers1/14/09, 1:11 PM

    Just came across this randomly because I'm thinking of using Enki for 1st grade. We've been Waldorf-inspired unschooling for the first half of this year and I think I'd like something with more structure but that retains the mindfulness and natural wonder of Waldorf. Are you liking Enki so far? Are there "lesson plans" day-by-day or just general seasonal themes? My homeschooling blog is thearrowthatflies.blogspot.com (haven't updated in a while) but if you wanted to share your experiences I would love to hear! :)