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Jupiter & Venus

...but just the moon in the end. Jupiter and Venus were out tonight, right next to the moon and really bright and beautiful. I had noticed them last night, not knowing what they were, but then heard about them again on the radio today. I was excited to hear that they would be out again this evening. Teaching Moment!

The boys, Ayla and I headed out with our telescope to get a better look about 7pm, but it was impossible to sight anything with both boys dying to touch and adjust and with a squirmy Ayla in my arms. I tried putting her in the bucket swing hanging from the tree, but she was not cool with that. Too dark and weird, and what the heck are we doing out here instead of nursing in my rocking chair? Because, helllllllooooo, it's bedtime!

So, we headed back inside to wait for Daddy. By the time Daddy made it home, I had gotten Ayla to sleep, and the cresent moon was still there, but the planets had set. While Daddy ate dinner, the boys and I headed back outside. Kirven and I fiddled with the telescope and finally found the moon, while Dunagan bicycled around the porch with a flashlight looking for 'critters'. The moon was just a fuzzy, glowing sliver, and I declared the telescope junk since we couldn't even see the blasted moon with it, for crying out loud.

Kirven and I hauled it back inside, promising each other that we would get a better telescope. Daddy gently reminded us that we needed to focus as well as sight. So, back out we went, with Dad, so that he could do it. After much here, try this and it works better if you do this and stop, don't touch and deep sighing and focused breathing, Daddy finally found the moon for us! And it had craters! And, as far as I am aware, Dunagan did not find any critters.


  1. Ah, we saw those planets while on our long drive, and wondered what exactly they were. Someone told Tim this was the only time we'd see them for the next forty years!
    Hurray for the telescoping Daddy, saving the day. :-)

  2. michelle grimes kindig12/3/08, 10:16 AM

    You're a great story teller Jennifer! I felt like I was there.

    We noticed the bright planets too. But now I know what they were.

    Thanks for sharing.