Why the Tree of Life?


Color Dancers




Color Dancers is a style of kindergarten wet-on-wet watercolor painting where the paper is left a little extra wet and the paint is just dropped on rather than brushed all that much. The colors literally dance across and magically transform into secondary colors (though the colors didn't come through very true in my photos). This allows the child to experience the color combinations and discover a little color theory on their own.

My mixed paints seem to be getting old. They've lost a little of their vibrancy, though they've lasted awhile in the refrigerator. Time to mix up some more. Dunagan's tempera paints had not been stored in the frig, and they stunk this time. Guess I'll keep them in the frig as well.


  1. Beautiful paintings! I know, I might have to get a second fridge just to store paint.

  2. Yeah, they're taking up the whole bottom shelf!