Why the Tree of Life?


Grubs & Snails

... are tasty treats for a PorcupineSkunk. Never heard of a PorcupineSkunk? Where you from? Round these here parts, PorcupineSkunks are as common as Dunagans:

Be careful: If he takes a dislike to your demeanor, he's apt to SPRAY-POKE you. Repeatedly.

Now, with regards to the proper care and feeding of a PorcupineSkunk, it is best to present only the tastiest morsels that are sure to sharpen his quills and strengthen his stink. You can get a PorcupineSkunk to eat anything, even lettuce, as long as he understands that it will make him the pokiest, stinkiest creature in the room.

He also tends to be a nocturnal creature, so if he begins to get loud and rambunctious, you can remind him that it is daytime and time for all little baby PorcupineSkunks to go sleep in their den. He usually likes to scamper away and curl up in his box when he is reminded of this. Be sure to have a rattlesnake or two available for him to snack on when he wakes up. They're his favorite! Unless they are his friends, and then he won't eat them and will apologize to them with thick, bottom lip that Mommy PorcupineSkunk mistook them for food.

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