Why the Tree of Life?


Things have been...

... a little crazy around here. I find myself thinking that we aren't getting around to much learning at the moment because my brain is fried, but then I step back and look at all the things we are actually fitting into our day, and I think we are right on track.

Evan's office has moved WAY UP NORTH. We're southies, and we're spoiled, and we're thinking about moving so that Evan's commute isn't 30min-1hr. Evan has been working 12-14 hour days, over the winter holidays and weekends, overseeing part of the construction of his company's new office building. We have missed our Daddy terribly, and Mommy is grumpy. Some days he has been gone before breakfast and home after bedtime. Happily, that sort of thing is beginning to slow down. We were even able to sleep 'late' this morning, and I think we have all had a good reset.

We've been keeping up with our Enki stories and crafts, but we're having a hard time with our movement work and getting outside. Ayla makes the getting outside part hard since she wants to get down and taste everything and the boys sometimes won't go out without me; plus we still have the same issues with circle that we have had the last month or so.

Ayla is really and truly walking now. She walked the length of the kitchen, no problem, and she's choosing walking over crawling, unless she really needs to get somewhere fast. And she is so pleased with herself.

Dunagan is currently a baby birdie, and Ayla is his teeny birdie, and I am his mommy birdie, and he only eats worms. This is an improvement over his being a rattlesnake. Believe me.

Kirven and I have been working on cat's cradle and other string games. I'll post a picture and link to the book we're using soon. It takes a lot of fine motor control.

Kirven has also really turned a corner with the fairy tales. He is able to sit through the scary parts, a big step for him! He laughs at the funny parts and recites the verses from the stories all day, but if you asked him if he liked a particular story, he will say no, that it was too scary. We read Matreshka this last week, and Dunagan had fun spinning these Matreshka dolls that we found at the appropriate parts in the story. By the way, babies can open these dolls, and the red paint is not slobber-proof... just a word to the wise.

We're getting a lot of Spanish listening in the car (I've got a playlist of Spanish children's songs going), and our friend Cristina is still coming over on Friday afternoons to play with the boys in Spanish. She upped the anty this last week and spoke a whole lot more Spanish, which I was really pleased about and the boys seemed to do well with.


  1. Jennifer,
    My husband has always worked far north and we've had most nights of daddy not here for supper and even after bed time. I get it. He has just changed his schedule and it is much better, but that aside, As soon as cedar season is over and I can go outside again, let's get together.
    Oh, by the way Annie and Emerson are both dogs who bark and carry large toys around in their mouths this week.

  2. I totally understand! I get grumpy when I don't get enough Papa time, too. good luck! -Palaceofleaves

  3. That's why it's good to blog; you can start out feeling like you haven't been getting anything done, and by the time you're done writing, lo and behold, you demonstrate to yourself that a lot has been happening, especially in light of your straitened circumstances! That is really rough about Evan's schedule! :-(

  4. Am I allowed to just say "Thanks!" for this post (and the previous one about the stressful circle time)? I have several friends who homeschool and they just seem to be so calm and together and I just don't understand how. I've been trying to work structure and lessons into our days (using a homeschool curriculum so I don't have to think of it all on my own.) Although I am not officially calling it homeschooling, I am trying to be the teacher my kids need me to be. . . . but it can be so frustrating. I have a lot of the issues you have, but the most challenging is getting through the grumpy days and working through the ways to keep two age groups entertained, educated, and not overwhelmed or bored. Really, I seem to be the only one overwhelmed... Thank goodness for blogging and coffee. Keep up the great work, Jennifer. I know you have frustrating and stressful times, but I'm glad you can share them so I can understand it isn't always perfect, but its worth trying. Sending hugs and prayers your way.

  5. We are coming to the end of our long summer break now & I know getting back into the learning routine is going to be hard because Ditz insists she doesn't like...well, anything! Ugh! I hate to say it but however bad it gets when they're little it's easier than when they get big & chuck a micky. *sigh* Good kid; she just hs definite ideas of her own & none of them include school. ;)