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Crazy Pretzels

We made 'Crazy Pretzels' out of Kid Concoctions Cook Book. This was a great activity for playing with letters. Kirven made every letter of his name, and Dunagan made a bunch of 'D's. We even threw in an 'A' and a 'Y' for Miss Ayla.

They were pretty tasty even though we forgot the salt. Dunagan wanted yogurt pretzels, so we slathered his 'D's in blueberry yobaby. That did not work out so well. I was anticipating a thick, dried yogurt shell, but it just made them mushy and gray/green colored. He was delighted with them though and munched on them for a day or so until I thought they might start sprouting mold and chucked them while he wasn't looking. Happily, (for me), they weren't missed by any little people.

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