Why the Tree of Life?



Grammy and Grandpa surprised us by taking the boys to spend the night with them for Valentine's. (Thank you, thank you!) They were staying at a hotel, and the boys had a lot of fun eating in the restaurant and swimming in the warm, indoor pool. The hotel gave the boys play passorts, and Kirven wanted to fill his out this morning. Above, you can see that he 'Arrived' on the 14(th) and 'Departed' on the 15(th). The he wrote down the things he saw and did at the hotel: FISH POND, SMIWWING. He had me help him sound out the words, but he wrote all this without looking at any visual helps. We discussed his M's and W's, but he liked how smiwwing sounded out loud, so he decided to keep it that way.

This is his first writing like this, which is so fun and exciting for me to see. We're going to start formal instruction in the fall, so anything he is picking up himself is going to help him that much more.


  1. Oh Jennifer, that is too cute. I always enjoyed using my children's own experience to help teach them to read and write. It can happen so naturally like that at times. So sweet. Glad you had a weekend away and I am here repeateing to myself, "I am content. I am content." LOL!
    In Friendship,
    Jan Lyn

  2. This reminds me to take some pictures of Mane's writing, too...because I cannot save ALL the papers. What a fun weekend ya'll must have had!

  3. It's so hard not to want to save it all! :)