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Austin Space Day

One of the reasons that I have been very delinquent on updating the blog is that while Evan was in Germany, I somehow zoomed out on my blogger dashboard, and it somehow stayed that way. The whole screen was postage stamp size, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I had done. It was too small to see what I was typing, let alone post any pictures. When Evan got home, it only took one click, of course, to save me.

This is the post I would have posted a couple weeks ago. We went to the homeschoolers' day of Austin Space Day, which was held at the LBJ Library on the UT campus. The rocket above is one that high schoolers have made, and if it passes muster, they'll get to fire it off at White Sands. The name of the rocket, apparently, was 'Ignite Me'.

Posing with the space dude.

LEGOS robots are always a hit.

There were plenty of hands on things for the kids to do. Kirven got to try working some simple tools with oversized gloves to see what it would be like in a space suit. Both boys make paper rockets that they shot off with alkaseltzer and water in film canisters. Kirven saw everything there was to see and was not timid about going to the front of a group to get a better look or to step up to a table and interact with a strange adult. On every front, the day was a huge success and enjoyable for everyone. Grammy and Grandpa went with us, and we wouldn't have been able to do the trip without them, and we all enjoyed an ice cream treat at the end of the day. I was mostly mesmerized by the enormous and gorgeous fountain behind the library.

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