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First Piano Lessons

Thought I'd share a picture of Kirven having his piano lesson. He has been enjoying the DVDs from Simply Music. We have the first set in the "Learn at Home" series. In theory, I really like the method, and Kirven has been asking to do them without any prompting. He has happily been repeating Lesson Two and really seems to want to take it slow and really get it right. I'm trying to stay in the background and not hover and correct (and squash his interest in the process). When we make it through both of the first two sets of lessons, and if Kirven wants to continue with piano, then we will talk to the Simply Music teacher in town. Until then, I think he has more than enough to work with.

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  1. Piano is good...but it leads to other things ~ violin, flute, saxaphone. *sigh* And we started music to help the child with her math.