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Happy Birthday, to me

It's my birthday tomorrow, and if it wasn't for my boys and my mom (who made me my favorite dessert), I think I would have clean forgotten it. I'll be thirty-three. I can't say that I feel like I thought thirty-three would feel like, and it's becoming harder and harder to actually remember how old I am.

What have we been up to? House hunting and house hunting some more, and when we're not house hunting, we're thinking about house hunting.

What are the boys doing during all this obsessive house hunting? Mostly making mud pies. And watching The Little Travelers: Japan. And watching painted lady caterpillars grow at an amazing rate and turn into chrysalids. And working on the right hand of Kirven's first piano piece via Simply Music. And reading our Enki stories, but struggling with the crafts and movement work due to baby interference. And building enormous rocket ship tents in the living room that must remain intact for days at a time.

We've been sleeping a little later these days and spending more of the afternoon outside on these beautiful days. Sometimes we have been having smooth sailing days, and sometimes we've been having days filled with challenging moments (a parenting euphemism for mommy yelling and screaming and/or children yelling and screaming... and etc.) mostly due to mama not getting enough sleep the night before. Funny how you can be aware of the situation and still act in a way you would rather not.

But overall, we're having many more good moments than bad moments, and definitely all good days.

Now, if we could only get our future settled. Anyone have a crystal ball? Because the uncertainty and suspense is killing me.


  1. Happy Birthday, Jennifer!! Glad to see your new post. I figured you are probably very busy house hunting. That is a big thing... hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck.

    And we all have those moments when we don't sleep enough and gets irritated easily and all those challenging parenting moments.

    Take it easy. Happy Spring!

  2. Happy birthday!
    The age of 33 is great (especialy to Lance Armstrong )

  3. Happy Birthday Jennifer!

    Do you have a Simply Music teacher, or are you using the DVD learn at home program? If the second, I would loves some feedback, it's time for J to start on the piano, but he's specifically asked for a book where he can learn himself rather than a teacher. I'm not sure a DVD is going to fill his need, he really does seem to learn best by reading himself (so very different from me!!!), but if the DVD program is worthwhile, I might use it for myself at least!

  4. Happy Birthday Jennifer!! I just turned 33 a couple months ago, and so far, so good :) Best of luck with house hunting.

  5. Happy Birthday! Wish you could get a new house as a present. Preferably within a fifty-yard radius of ME. ;-)

  6. Happy Birthday! I've been looking at yer blog for a few months now. I too am Quaker and looking into homeschooling. My kids are 3 1/2 and 18 months. Thanks for some great ideas and insight. Cheers!
    -Merry Welker-Tolla (in Davis, CA)

  7. Thanks, everyone, for your well-wishes!!!!!

    @ Harvest Mom: we're doing the dvds, and so far it's been great. I set my laptop on the piano, and Kirven uses headphones so he can hear better. I think it's a good deal, so far. At least, a good start.

    @ Hannah: Are there any houses near you that are up for sale? Send me an email...

    @ Merry: Nice to hear from you! Feel free to email me if you ever want to chat: jennifer DOT marchman AT gmail DOT com