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Ayla's Birthday Party

Ayla's birthday party was an easygoing affair; strictly family. I made the official 'first birthday chocolate-cinnamon cake', and the boys decorated it.

We had some great BBQ from Rudy's, and then ate cake and ice cream. The boys helped blow out Ayla's candle.

You see here the birthday girl wearing vanilla ice cream. She wasn't crazy about the cake. Let me repeat that: she wasn't crazy about the chocolate cake. I know there are people out there in this great, big world who don't like chocolate, but my own daughter? Ah, well, more for the rest of us.

And then we had some present opening. The boys were itching to help unwrap, and after many failed attempts at keeping them away and interesting Ayla in her presents, we let them at it. Ayla's plastic spoon, swiped from somebody's iced tea cup, was far more important at the moment.

We finished the night with the boys and Ayla dancing for all of us to Rodrigo y Gabriella. We have video. Someday I'll post it. Listen to RodGab's music. It's amazing. Two acoustic guitars. You should see their hands.

Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AYLA!!!!!!!!!


  1. Today? Really? Our anniversary, and I didn't even know. : ) Yay Ayla. And we feel the same way about R&A--Diablo Rojo is one of the best car songs of all time.

  2. Aw, that's neat. I love how the boys decorated her cake!

  3. Very cool decorated cake. Perhaps Ayla will come to an aquired taste of chocolate!
    Hope all enjoyed.
    Jan Lyn