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Washington DC, Part I

We've been mighty quiet around here, and that's because we've been in Washington DC visiting friends from college. Dunagan and Kirven have flown before, but this was the first trip that Dunagan was old enough to appreciate and get excited about, and the wonder on his face at all the airplanes was so fun to see. We talked to the pilots, got to peek into the cockpit (benefit of being the slowest and last people off the plane) and touched the outside of the plane to see how cold it had gotten (pretty cold). Everyone did great on the flight. Since we're five, we took up our own whole row, Dad and the boys on one side, and Ayla and Mama on the other. I pretty much started feeding Ayla snacks the moment we boarded the plane; I came well-stocked, and she was happy and napped most of the way. She only fussed as we descended into DC. Overall, a huge sigh of relief from me that we weren't that family on the plane again because we have been that family... o yes sirree... we have been that family.

We were all tired from our trip, though it did take the kids awhile to settle in strange beds. Our friends, Lexi, Jeff and their daughter Michaela were so generous in allowing us to stay in their apartment. We couldn't have asked for more comfortable arrangements.

The next morning, we headed out first thing to see the cherry blossoms down around the Tidal Basin. Jeff's apartment is just a short walk from the Metro (so convenient!). It was a chilly, overcast day, but truth be told, the boys were just happy to be getting to ride the 'train' and be with Dad. Only Daddy would do for most things during the week.

Here's a little peek at the cherry blossoms coming up.
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  1. Looks like a fun trip!

    Your comments about being "that family" made me chuckle -- when J was 18 mos old I flew out to KY to visit a friend and pick up a new puppy from one of her litters. On the way home, I boarded the plane with a toddler in one arm and a puppy in a crate in the other. Don't think those people didn't groan to see me get on the plane. And it WAS horrible, although the toddler was good as gold and the puppy never made a peep -- unbenownst to me, I was newly pregnant with Zoo Boy, and wound up vomitting my way across the country. I managed to single handedly clear several isles around me....even the flight attendents were avoiding me by the end of the flight.

    Ah, memories! LOL

  2. Wow! Washington DC is such a great place to visit with kids. Sounds like you had the perfect place to stay, plus all those free museums and outdoor attractions!

  3. Jennifer,
    Your trip sounds so nice. I'm curious about how you have the boys strapped in. Are those their car seats?

  4. Shelley, Hannah and Michelle: We did have a great time! I hope to post more this weekend. This week has been crazy.

    And Michelle: those are straps made especially for the airplane, and we love them. We got them here: http://www.kidsflysafe.com/ It doesn't work for small toddlers, but for bigger toddlers who are still in carseats, it sure beats lugging the carseat in the airport.