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Butterfly Farm

Toward the end of April, we visited Wild Connections Butterfly Farm and Nature Center with GAHA. We had been once before when Dunagan was about a year old. Boy, was it hot and muggy that day! This day, on the other hand, was very pleasant. We've had a real spring this year! The boys sat through an old film strip about the life cycle of butterflies.

We also got to see their little nursery for all their different butterflies. See all the chrysalids attached to the paper towels? The red blotches are from a liquid that comes out when the butterflies emerge.

Then it was on to the butterfly house to try to catch one on a piece of fruit. We weren't successful. The butterflies were only interested in real nectar that day.

Kirven spent a long time counting butterflies, caterpillars and eggs in his little booklet.

Afterward, we had a lovely picnic with the group. It was a well-timed trip since we had recently hatched our own Painted Ladies.


  1. What an amazing trip for the kids! Wonderful. :)

  2. Man, I was so disappointed we missed the sign-up for that trip. I just didn't happen to be at the computer during the ten or so minutes it filled up! We need to go again; thanks for the reminder!

  3. What a great class trip for the kids! We have a "butterfly house" here that we visit and we love to go when they release all the monarchs as well.
    Jennifer, I have been meaning to invite you to www.quakerfaithandfellowship.org which is a Quaker forum (we also have Meeting for Worship)that I helped found a little over a year ago. If it sounds like something you would like to check out, we could certainly use some conversation. Any branch of Friends or seekers are more than welcome....
    Blessings to you,
    Jan Lyn

  4. Thanks for the invitation, Jan! I signed up today!