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Dunagan's B'day Party

We had Dunagan's birthday party on Saturday, May 23rd. He wanted only family, "just like Ayla's party." Easy enough for me! His dragon took center stage.

We started off the evening with some interpretive dancing to Rodrigo y Gabriela and disco lights.

Then on to a dinner of homemade spaghetti, cheese toast and salad...

...all of which was just a means to an end, the cake:

Chocolate with raspberry filling and cream cheese icing and the SR-71 Blackbird, only the fastest plane, evah.

Dunagan has been talking about this cake for weeks. WEEKS. Did the bakery have it ready when we went to pick it up? No. Our order had been lost, but very, very happily, it was found in time to bake it, even with a couple hours to spare. Whew.

Ayla dug into this cake much better than she did on her own birthday cake. She does apparently like chocolate, just not my chocolate. So let's all pretend that this picture is from her 1st birthday, shall we? That's more like it.

Everyone else liked it, too.

And then it was on to the orgy of gift opening. Ayla also enjoyed opening Dunagan's presents more than she had enjoyed opening her own. But Dunagan loved everything he got and really had a wonderful birthday overall!


  1. That cake sounds yummy, and looks very impressive! How great that "just family" can mean such a merry housefull!

  2. Hello - I know this may be an odd comment on your blog page, but I got connected through Google looking for a Marchman family connection from Mississippi. I grew up in the 1950's in Laurel, Miss. My childhood friend was named Carol Ann Marchman. She moved to Austin, Texas after her father's death around 1957-58. Any connection to your family? Thank you for any help you can give. My email is lruffin1@mac.com and my name is Lydia Ruffin.

  3. A Happy belated birthday to Dunagan. We loved family parties for that age. Looks like a good time was had! LOL.....how hysterical, a gift orgy. Love it!