Why the Tree of Life?



This is the way it usually starts:

Mama, can we use water?
Mama, can we please use water?
Mama, we'll only use a little.
Mama, we'll only water the plants.
Mama, we'll keep it in the sandbox.
Mama, we'll only fill up the bucket and then turn it
right off, promise.

It never quite works out that way.


  1. Oh yes, I've heard that song before...

    My kids don't usually end up in mud, but they do show up dripping wet -- shoes, socks and all.

  2. I can, of course, quite relate. :-)

  3. Oh yes indeed! I've heard those very same words. I stumbled upon your blog from another! And found out it was you. What a sweet blog. Happy mother's day to you. I hope all is well.

  4. Hey Bernadette! Nice to hear from you. I've seen more and more mention about 'Slow', btw! Hope you had a happy mother's day as well!

  5. Very fun. Ayla looks so proud she could join in as well!