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Organic Circle

I tried reestablishing our movement work a couple of weeks ago, but it was still like pulling teeth. Too many distractions, too little interest, too little motivation.

My other strategy of having each activity spread out through the day didn't work as well as I had hoped either. It felt too disjointed and frantic, plus, beyond the first set of movement verses, I would forget the rest throughout the day. I would get to bedtime, and go: oh, yeah... whoops... well, tomorrow's another day, drat. Every day.

Meanwhile, the boys' crankiness has been increasing over the many weeks. Physically, their bodies have been screaming for the grounding they have gotten in the past from adventure circles. But the stars were just not aligning for us to have successful circle times. I felt like scolding them far too much in the process, and that's definitely not how it's supposed to be.

So, I set it aside, again.

But we have gotten back to our morning walks, which brings me to the successful point of my story. I just felt like singing one morning during one of last week's walks, and the boys started singing with me and skipping, too. Before I knew it, we had done three Enki opening movement activities. When we got inside, we did a proprioceptive/vestibular activity, and we were done.

An 'Enhanced Exercise Walk/Organic Circle' is one of the options mentioned in the Enki curriculum, but I just hadn't thought we would be interested in that. I thought the adventure circles were so much more fun. Oh... wait, this isn't about me...

The clincher came yesterday morning when Evan and I were trying to sort out our Saturday chore list and the boys were bouncing off the walls and getting on our nerves in the process. I said, "Let's go for a walk," and Kirven squealed, "Yeah, Daddy! We don't do it like we used to!" with a sly look on his face as if to say, we have a surprise for you, and it's so much fun!


We went on to have a great walk, doing the three opening activities we had been doing the last week: Rosie Ray, Far Out at Sea, Sally Goes Round, and then Spider (a proprioceptive activity) when we were back inside, and everyone was much calmer and ready to work. Kirven requested that we do more, and I promised that I would look up more in the movement binder. (I'll post what I come up with on Tree of Life Musings since it'll be untried and theoretical). The nice thing is that I don't have to come up with a storyline. Coming up with a storyline is fun, but it is time and brain power intensive when I am lacking in both.

Some details for Enki folks:
Rosie Ray: skip whole time (and I end up singing it about four or five times without realizing it.)
Far Out at Sea: skip or gallop far away from me, and come running back to me on "And the lashing winds are driving them home."
Sally Goes Round the Sun: Skip on first verse, then "Sally hops round the sun", scissor step, tiptoe, walk backwards... all moving in the direction that we're walking.
Spider when we're back inside.
My Little Pony (for midline) and Spanish verses before Enki storytime
Mouse fingerplay at naptime.

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