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Butterfly Mobile

We made a tissue paper butterfly mobile from the Enki Kindergarten Crafts book last week. It's pretty easy. You just scrunch squares of tissue paper and wrap half a pipe cleaner around it.

Dunagan preferred to work nearby with some crayola model magic. I love this stuff better than playdough or clay. So do the boys. And Ayla if we don't watch her. Dunagan likes to mix all the colors all together the very first time we open the package. Kirven has requested his own set in the future so that he can keep color separation intact. This I have duly noted, but am guaranteed to forgot while actually in Target.

Here's a finished little butterfly:

The next day, Kirven found a good stick in the yard, and then he tied all our butterflies on in good mobile fashion. The craft board came in very handy for this part.

Dunagan and Ayla played in the rice bin while the tying was going on. Ayla eats; Dunagan pours.

And, the finished product, hanging in our entryway:


  1. This is so sweet Jennifer. You know you will have to pack up all their precious projects for the move too.

    Problem here is my kids want to keep ALL they make FOREVER. What to do with it all?!? Mine are at the age I can some times get away with taking photos of items after a while and putting that in a scrapbook or school portfolio if the item is large to keep, but I'll tell you, not too often.

    Enki looks great to me.

  2. Yes, what to do with it all?????!!!!!!!