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First Grade Panic Attack

Kirven is ready to start learning how to read. We're in the middle of buying a house and moving. My Enki Grade One books are still in their box unread because I knew it would be better to wait until after the move to start reading them, otherwise I would forget everything. And now I'm panicking. I'm particularly panicking in the shower. I have to stop and remember that this is all according to plan. We aren't officially starting first grade work until November after our month off in October. There's still plenty of time, and even if we get 'behind' we can always, easily, catch up.... so why do I suddenly feel like it's the night before an exam, and I haven't started studying yet??? Breathe.

And as a side note, as I'm packing up our study, I'm coming across books that I bought, intended to use, and had completely forgotten about. Good books! Fun books! More panic!

In the midst of packing boxes, we have still kept up with reading a new kindergarten fairy tale each week. Though, things are slowly falling by the wayside one by one as we get closer to moving day. It's hard to do painting or crafts in all the mess (a mess that is actually the 'usual' mess because we haven't bothered to declutter yet since we are moving and planned on killing two birds with one stone). But Kirven has been making scrambled eggs in the morning on his own, and both boys have been making ebelskivers with their grandmother. We've been doing a little Spanish most days, and we have made it out for our after-breakfast walk. Kirven is still doing his piano lessons at his own pace, and we're reading The Wheel on the School by Meindert Dejong. It's the first chapter book that Dunagan hasn't hung around for, and that Kirven hasn't begged for chapter after chapter. It's a sweet book, but a little dense and slow perhaps... perhaps it would be a better success with a seven year old? Capyboppy was our last book, and we've read it twice, it was such a success. In the area of mathmatics, Kirven seems to have an innate ability. He is noticing the pattern of numbers, how bigger numbers are groups of smaller numbers, and he can subtract small numbers in his head faster than I can sometimes; all of which he has figured out on his own.

The rest of our days are spent with me trying to get basic household chores done while simultaneously keeping Ayla happy in spite of the fact that the boys have left her (a fact which she is not happy about) and are in the front yard hunting for toads. Or, I am able to let her out in the backyard while the boys run up our water bill filling the sandbox, expanding the mud wallow(s) and spraying the neighbors' house, car (aiming for the open window), trash can and cats... until I yell out the doorway for them to stop or I'm turning off the hose, which is an empty threat (which we all know) because that would mean they would want to come inside early. And we can't have that, at least not until I get the folded clothes put away.


  1. Busy! We you still be in Texas? My older girl didn't really get into The Wheel On The School either (I liked it) and I think she was seven or eight at the time. I think we were doing the Betsy-Tacy books at six.

  2. Congrats on your move...we just moved, too, so I can relate. We are thinking of using Enki this next year.

  3. Hi Lone Star Ma! Where in Texas are you? We're just moving to north Austin from south Austin. I'm sad and excited all at the same time. Changing from a southie to a northie is something of an identity crisis! And that's interesting about the Wheel on the School. Maybe it's a better book for even older (10-12?). We'll have to check out Betsy-Tacy. I think that's on our list, too.

    Hi Jennifer, Yay on considering using Enki next year! Which grade?

  4. We're in Corpus. I went to grad school in Austin in 1993-94 - lived in an apt. on 38 1/2. I think it depends on the kid - mine definitely would have been less interested at 10-12; she just couldn't get into the style of it. Given its environmental theme, I had thought it would be great, but oh well. We used to read a series of longer novels (interspersed with plenty of picture books) a year, starting at Christmas - Ramona at 3, Little House at 4, actually I think Betsy-Tacy was 5, which was mostly before kinder for her, Coville's Magic Shop books at 6 (highly edited and skipping the skull one to avoid all the violence - they had read Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher at kindergarten and she was obsessed), Narnia at 7, then I think we tried Harry Potter at 8, but she got tired of having to wait for me to read it at night and just took over herself and that was sort of the end of that. We also read some in between - the Fudge books and Strawberry Girl stand out in my memory. Now I still get her a series every Christmas, but she reads it herself. My little one took longer to have the attention span for chapter books. We read the Ramona books at four and started on the Fudge books which we are still working on. I don't know if she's ready for Little House yet.

  5. My daughter(6) wasn't crazy about Wheel on the School either and didn't finish the book. I don't think she can relate. I like it though. :)

  6. Breathe is good advice :) I can relate to the panicky feeling about what's coming and what got missed last yet. Sounds like your kids are happy and learning, and that's the important stuff! 1st grade got off to a great start for us last fall, and I quickly found a rhythm with it. Best to you in your move and 1st grade prep!

  7. I feel the same way sometimes...but then I see my sweet boys some days and I am shocked that they know so very much and know it with such joy! :) Keep up the good work. Moving is a big lesson for them, too!

  8. dongdong, Stacey and Chelita, It's nice to hear from you all!

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