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New House

We've found a house! Yay us! The uncertainty was killing me. I'm excited about the move, but sad to be leaving south Austin. We close on June 30th and will move about mid-July.

Given that we take April and October off for our break from 'school', I'm going to have to figure out how to do at least the bare minimum while we're moving. Any advice would be most welcome! Kirven is actually ready for first grade work, but I'm waiting to dive into that big change after we move. I can't do both, and we have plenty of time to 'catch up' (as if we're behind). How's that for creating a separation between kindergarten and first grade work? A whole new house and neighborhood!


  1. Congratulations on the new house!

    I've found that during times of major life change, a lot of incidental learning goes on. I'm certain the kids will adjust and be fine. Perhaps slip them some crafts and fun in the corner, utilize some books on tape and let them "help" and learn about moving and follow their curiousity in your new home and neighborhood.

    We have moved several times and I always found it exciting. I'm getting too old now though! Blessings and peace be with you in it all.

  2. Thanks, Jan! I'm looking forward to the move. It's going to be an adventure!

  3. Hey, you'll be much closer to us, right? Now there's no excuse to not have a playdate. Your kids need to come visit our chicks!

  4. Oh no, the day has finally come :-( We are hoping to move back to our house on Wednesday or Thursday this week. Hope we will spend some time with you guys before you move!