Why the Tree of Life?



So we've done it. All of our stuff is in our new house, and we're officially northies now! Yay! and Sniff! I miss the comfort and friends of south Austin, but there's some pretty cool stuff up here, too, like Terra Burger (sprinkler park and shakes, what more can I say? Hannah, if you see this, we could easily be talked into meeting over there sometime!), and very friendly neighbors. Everyone on our street has been very welcoming. No pictures yet... camera's somewhere around here... I figure if I unpack just one box a day, it will take me less than six months to get us settled. Our focus now is on getting our house on Greentree ready for market and sold as quickly as possible. Anyone looking for a house? In the meantime, some things will have to wait to be done here at our new house.

Kirven asks me nearly every day when we're going to start first grade. Soon! Soon, soon, soon... when I can find the box.

The boys spent the week with grammy and grandpa while we packed and moved and unpacked (a little), which was enormously helpful. (Thanks!) They had an awesome time and came back with superior swimming and ice-cream-eating skills. Their uncle told them that he didn't get swimming and ice cream everyday when he was a kid.

While in Waxahachie, they started reading Charlotte's Web, and we finished that a couple days ago and have moved on to Stuart Little (also by E. B. White). Other than than, our learning these days centers around helping mommy unpack boxes (their quota seems to be three for the day before that start asking for ice cream) and riding bicycles in the culdesac.