Why the Tree of Life?


Bit by Bit

We are mostly unpacked. The big areas left are Evan's office, homeschooling nooks and crannies, and the garage. I veer between a mature patience for the process and sheer panic.

I uncovered Enki Grade One today. Our Austin Enki Homeschoolers group had a meeting a couple weeks ago, and between that and the NOT Back to School swim party today (held annually on the first day of public school ) and finding our books, I'm starting to feel a little inspired. Our Enki group is planning a weekly Game Day that we'll participate in. We're considering the homeschool Cub Scouts den, and we'll be doing Eurythmy with Austin Waldorf Homeschoolers again this year. On top of our Friends Meeting every weekend, I think all those activities are plenty for our outside-commitment plate.

We just finished reading Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. I'm beginning to appreciate Dahl's humor better, though he's still not my favorite. Both boys love him. I think they would love him even more in a couple years.

Someday, I'll get back to posting pictures on here, too, and not just writing. Eventually. It's all a process.


  1. Sounds busy and fun (except for the unpacking that doesn't sound fun)! Not a huge Dahl fan myself, although my kids like him, too. I always felt a bit offended by his feelings about grown-ups. We're finishing up the Fudge series with Double Fudge. Youngest started K (but in her same Montessori room) on the 17th and oldest started 8th grade yesterday.

  2. Dahl really knows how to connect with kids, doesn't he? Try to avoid reading The Twits aloud to your kids. It makes me feel actually queasy, which delights my kids. Therefore, they love to ask me to read it aloud. Such tender souls.

    We're thinking about Cub Scouts too-- maybe we'll see you there!

  3. Hey, I was just catching up on your blog. Congrats on the move! I always enjoy this time of year -- gearing up to get going with homeschool again. Yes, we are learning all the time, but the formal stuff has it's own charm. (For me, anyway, and I think for the kids a little too -- they sure are interested in the packages of books and curricula that keep arriving!) That outside-commitment plate fills up fast, doesn't it? ;o)