Why the Tree of Life?



I've set Monday as our first day of Grade One for Kirven (and K4 for Dunagan!-- he's going to have his own little Good Book). What this means is that I am cramming like I have a final coming up. I'm reading and planning and gathering resources together all weekend.

Our weekly schedule for the fall has firmed up. We've decided (surprisingly) against Cub Scouts. The den is a really great homeschool den, but it just wasn't a good fit this year. It might be next year. We are still doing Enki Game Day (with Austin Enki Homeschoolers) and Eurythmy (with Austin Waldorf Homeschoolers), and our friend Cristina, a native Spanish speaker, is still going to come and play with the kids for a couple hours in Spanish.

We're going to start with a Consonants (Language Arts) Block, and I'll post more details about that later on Musings.

We're going to try something different with circle this year because my memory is completely caput. I don't know if it's the third pregancy that did it or what, but I can't memorize anything anymore, and I just don't have the time. It has meant the difference between doing circle and NOT doing circle (adventure, formal, enhanced walk, whatever). If I'm stumbling along (which I am), I lose the boys nearly immediately. So, Evan and I have come up with a cheat. Evan's degree is in audio engineering, and he has been offering to record me saying the verses. We're going to make MP3 playlists of each circle (adding in songs from the Enki cds), and I will just play them when we do circle and we'll all follow as a group. It's a total cheat, I know. We'll see how it goes.

Ok, back to work... or time to start, I guess. Evan and the kids are down at the creek for the morning. I'm obviously supposed to be using my time more wisely than blogging. This helps me focus for the task at hand, right?


  1. Yes, it does help focus us. I think your idea to record yourself singing the songs is awesome!!
    Have a super first day!