Why the Tree of Life?


First Week

Well, we're in the middle of our first week. I made a tactical error by forgetting that when you order supplies online, it takes a few days for them to get here. So, we're kind of doing a 'pre' week, and we'll get into the meat of the first Consonants Block next week. We're doing form drawing and circle and reading some favorite K stories and Duchess Autumn. And we also decorated the title pages of our Good Books in lieu of story work drawings.

Here's my Good Book and Dunagan's Good Book.

And here is one of Kirven's Good Books: Science. I had him follow my lead as I told him this story:

'Once, long ago, at the beginning of time, there was much that the earliest people didn't understand. (I said this as I was drawing the dark border with a purple crayon-- blue would have been better in hindsight). People didn't know how to make fire. They didn't know how to make clothes. They didn't know why the bees made honey or what plants were best to eat. They didn't know how to make metal. (I talked along these lines as I colored with the purple)

(Then I took a yellow crayon and drew a dot in the center). Then one day, someone wondered. Someone wondered how to make fire, and they figured it out. (Then I expanded the yellow circle) Then someone else wondered about how to make clothes, and they figured it out. (and I continued on in this vein until the whole center was yellow).

The more people wondered, the more they understood. And the more they understood, the more they were able to wonder, and the more they wondered, the more they were able to figure out.

Kirven, you are old enough now to join all the people in wondering. There are many things we still don't understand, but you can wonder about them and you can help to figure them out."

Kirven seemed to be touched deeply, and it was a pretty cool mama-son moment.

Here's Kirven's free drawing for his Form Drawing book. I debated doing all one book, but decided to go with separate subject books, but I did take the advice of my good friend and fellow Enki mom, Michelle, and got Dunagan his own good book, though smaller.

For the Form Drawing Book and the Language Arts Book (not pictured), I let Kirven free draw how he wanted.

And two knights showed up last night. Evan and I thought we heard them come in, but we weren't sure until the morning when we found them at the breakfast table. They had heard that the boys had a castle that needed some defending. The dinosaur was in desparate need of reinforcements; not to mention, it was the first week of school.


  1. Very cool mama-son moment! I love how you shared all of this with us. :)

  2. Yes, Thank you for sharing! I love love love the story. I might just have to borrow from it when we start with Emer. Exciting first week!!! Congratulations to mom and First Grader Kirven!!

  3. Love the story you told him! So what goes inside the book -- nature drawings? I guess that's an Enki thing so I'm not familiar ...

  4. All science in Enki Grade One is nature-oriented. So, we'll be reading a lot of nature stories, and then recall (narration) and drawing them. The rest of 'science' is getting out on nature walks and nature crafts.