Why the Tree of Life?


Duchess Autumn

We did a led drawing for Duchess Autumn today. Kirven followed me pretty closely, and then he added the wind that makes the leaves dance (all the red swirls) on his own.

Dunagan's-- doin' his own thing.

My drawing from which Kirven was working.

And we also did our first form drawing, which is a preparation for handwriting. We walked a line and a curve out in the culdesac three mornings in a row, after our short walk to get the blood moving and right before we went in for circle. Today, I asked Kirven to draw on our little chalkboard what we had walked. He did that several times, and then he drew them with his finger in a pan full of sand. He liked that part the best. Then he drew them in yellow crayon in his Good Book. Finally, he did his best form in the color of his choice (blue) and colored the background yellow to hide his previous tries. This form was a snap for him.

This was our wonderfully smooth morning.

And then Ayla slipped going up the steps of the playscape and knocked a bottom tooth loose! Blood everywhere!

I immediately got on the phone with our dentist (who is in Oak Hill-- SOUTH Austin for all you non-Austinites), and they promised to squeeze us in. The boys were very good and very helpful, and we got in the car in record time. And we got to Oak Hill in record time and without a ticket. It was all very exciting-- a full-on emergency.

The verdict is: wait and see. Her tooth may or may not have broken completely off. We tried to get an x-ray, but we might as well have been wrestling an alligator. Hopefully, we can keep her from pulling it out herself, and it will heal itself. She is on a soft food-only diet, so my baby who has made it through babyhood with no baby food just had her first strained stew for dinner. And she didn't like it! She looked at me like I had to be kidding. And then she dumped her water in it. Because she can only have a lidless cup and no sippy cup...she shouldn't suck...bad for the tooth. She seems to be nursing ok, suprisingly enough.

Except for the loose tooth, it was a good day.


  1. Wow, what a day!! I'm sorry to hear about Ayla. Poor girl and mama.
    I'm so glad to hear that your first week of first grade was so smooth.

  2. Love your artwork. Love the ideas for beginning handwriting -- thanks for those!
    Sorry about the tooth thing, though. It's no fun to see them in pain and spurting blood everywhere!

  3. Great artwork--I just loved teaching those ages.
    So sorry about the tooth emergency!

  4. Oh no! I hope his tooth is okay! I have had a few children in my life do this and it ended up fine!