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Little Falcon

Our first story last week was Little Falcon. It introduces the letters 'G' and 'M'. Each story has a repeating verse, which becomes part of the storywork during the following days. We practiced reading the verse together many times during the 2nd and 3rd days, and we have been working kinesthetically with the verse during circle using Eurythmy gestures for the letter sounds. I found a little blackboard through Paper, Scissors, Stone, which is proving to be very handy. I just set it up in our window next to our work table. The window latches work fine as holders, and it allows Kirven to work on eye tracking when he is writing out the verse in his Good Book.

The day after reading Little Falcon, we recalled the story together, and then I led him in drawing the picture above. Mine is below, and you can see the hidden letters G (in the gate) and M (in the mountains). Kirven asked me if it was a G as I was drawing it, and I just said, 'hmm, we'll have to find out tomorrow,' but he didn't notice the M. It was a little more subtle, and he was surprised by it the next day when we worked on revealing the hidden pictures.

And Dunagan's latest silky crayon drawing is below. These crayons are terribly messy, and Dunagan ended up taking them all apart (breaking them), so they were all thrown in the trash at the end of drawing time. I wasn't sad to see them go. I used to love them, and they are still fun to draw with, but Dunagan likes to experience them tactilely, and I need a break. I spend too much time cleaning his side of the table (and chair and floor and body)! We'll get some more sometime; I just need a few months.

And a final note on piggy flu around here. I'm still the only one who's been sick. We had a slow day at home today. I feel like I'm pregnant. I can't do too much without feeling like I need to lie down on the couch for a minute. The main difference, though, is that I know I can push through the fatigue, and it won't kill me, meaning, I won't paid dearly for it later in not being able to get out of bed or vomiting--- as was the case in pregnancy. I love being able to push through to get things done again.

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  1. Looks great, Jennifer! And glad you hear you're feeling better -- keeping my fingers crossed that the week passes without a visit from the sickies to anyone else in your house!

  2. This looks like loads of fun. I really enjoyed seeing the pictures...so cute.