Why the Tree of Life?



I started running a high fever Tuesday night, and it has just broken today. That meant that schoolwork ground to a screeching halt. Evan was able to take the boys through circle Wednesday morning (an unforseen benefit of working from an mp3 playlist!--- which I'll post more about later; it's been a lifesaver) and morning lessons (with me guiding Kirven from my bed to find and write the hidden letters from our Little Falcon drawings-- pictures soon). My parents were able to come mid-morning (thank goodness for extended family in town--thanks Mom & Dad!) so that Evan could head to work. Kirven did his practice work after quiet time, and my mother read a chapter to us all from Thimble Summer in the afternoon. I was glad that we were able to complete the story cycle we were in the middle of, and we'll just push our next story, Jumping Mouse and the letter J, as well as the other activities we had planned, to the beginning of next week.

Thursday and Friday have been more unstructured, but the kids have been good and very helpful while I've been sick.

I'm expecting everyone to get sick, and we're concerned that I've had H1N1. What does that mean for Ayla and Dunagan? Kirven is a little older, but he has asthma and may still be sensitive to egg (egg is involved in creating the flu vaccine). Do we get them the vaccine? Do we risk as serious vaccine reaction with Kirven? Do we risk respiratory problems if he gets the virus? We've got the same reservations about the vaccine as every other parent in the country. Is it too late anyway since they have been exposed to me (assuming that's what I've had--- I have all the symptoms). Hopefully, if Evan gets sick, he gets sick soon because he leaves for Germany at the end of next week.

So, I'm in bed recouping; everyone else is still fine and healthy. Hopefully, everyone stays that way!


  1. I'm pretty sure we all had it back in March, it wasn't like any flu we'd ever had, fever for days on end. Zoo Boy and I were just wiped, spent 3 entire days in bed (had to put a diaper on him as he couldn't even bring himself to get up to pee). The Map Man and J had a much lesser case of it though. Honestly, I think there's more of a risk from the vaccine than there is from the virus itself -- I would not get it for my baby if it were me, but that's definitely a decision each parent has to make for their own kids. Good luck, hopefully they'll just pick up immunity from having been exposed to you!

  2. Jennifer,
    This post struck a cord with me as I struggled with the same concerns very recently.
    When I was sick a few weeks ago, I had the same symptoms and I believe it was H1N1 too. This continued for at least a week, maybe longer. Mike had minor yuckies for a few days and the kids were fine. As soon as I started feeling yucky I started the whole family on vitamin c, echinacea/astragalus, zinc, elderberry, and herbel expec (guaifenesin) to help combat any chest mucus. Plus we neti-potted reguarly. My thinking is that all of the immunne boosting herbs helped everyone....
    I hope you all are feeling better very soon!!!