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Rodrigo y Gabriela

I took the boys to the Rodrigo y Gabriela concert Tuesday night at Stubb's. (This is a perk of homeschooling. Yeah, they were out way past bedtime, but it was a special thing, and we could sleep in the next morning and still get our schoolwork done!) Rodrigo and Gabriela were as awesome, if not more awesome, in concert than on their cds. And the funny thing is, I'm not big on live music, but this is one group where if I hadn't had the boys with me, I would have been down front dancing the whole time. We stayed afterward hoping to meet them, but they didn't come out. There were a couple of other little kids at the concert, which surprised me a little, but they actually looked like homeschoolers, too. There's just a homeschool vibe sometimes. Evan had tickets to go with us, but ended up being sent to Germany on business. We were sad Daddy couldn't get to enjoy the music with us. Our friend Chris was able to go, and he snapped this picture of us with his phone. This is about the time the boys were getting bored and ready to go home. Rodgab didn't end up playing until close to 9pm, so their attention span was a little used up "waiting patiently." But they had a good time overall. And I would definitely like to go back with Evan just the two of us when they're back in town.

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  1. R Y G are Fantastic - they are doing 1 5 night run in london soon - my wife and i must go.