Why the Tree of Life?



I found this super nifty applique iron at Joann's Fabrics night before last. I didn't know they made irons like these. It's perfect for chore time! The instructions say: NOT A CHILDREN'S TOY!!! KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN!!!

Actually, I was very pleased with the temperature. It gets warm enough to start thinking about coaxing wrinkles out of cotton napkins (it would take you all day to persuade anything to press with this thing), but not hot enough to burn anybody. Ayla was even able to use it after we unplugged it, and it was cooling down. Needless to day, it was a big hit.
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  1. oh that is fabulous and just so cute. Looks like the kiddos are really into it!

  2. This is very cool- I'll have to keep my eye out for one of these. And your play room is looking lovely! So much light and space!