Why the Tree of Life?


Just Leave It On

Imagine the boys and me in the middle of doing circle time when a certain toddler rounds the corner buck naked and saying, "Pay, pay... pay," and looking a little... wet.

At some point, she took off her clothes, and while she was standing on the couch (the couch), looking out the window deer-watching, she pee'd. This was her second self-undiapering and accident in 15 minutes. I had just cleaned up her first mess in the kitchen, put her on the potty for a minute, dressed her and gotten back to doing circle.

And this was not the last accident this morning! (ooooooooooh, yes, there was much more to come) Nor was it the last self-disrobing. So far, the poops have been contained in the diapers, but she has been bringing them to me in her hands (the soiled diaper, that is, not the poop alone, thank God--- and I don't mean that blasphemously, I mean that seriously, really, thank God), and then it is a juggle and a wrestle to get her cleaned up.

You know, in my beautiful schedules and rhythms for the day, I didn't leave any room for spontaneous potty exploration. I'm running out of towels.


  1. Jennifer....this is so funny...you're a great story teller

  2. I'm holding my stomach (and trying to hold my own pee in....) from laughing so hard!!!

    As much as I'd love to have another baby, really, I don't need to go through this phase again....