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We began our first math block this week, and we're focusing on Number Qualities. We discussed Zero on Monday and Zero's tricky quality of being nothing, yet being able to make other numbers 'more.' Zero is nothingness and emptiness. Zero is also potential... the moment before the beginning, yet also the moment after everything is finished and gone and the moment of completion. We didn't draw anything for Zero because there's nothing to draw!

Tuesday was a discussion about the magic of one. One is unity and uniqueness. We both drew the sun. We also discussed how we are each unique as individuals. I drew my lovely stick figure self, but Kirven was content with just his sun. I also added in one Rascal from Rascal. Rascal, a true story about a pet raccoon, is the chapter book we're working with for this block since we have shelved fairy tales for the time being. (And let me tell you... night and day, people. Recall is so much easier this block than it was doing our Fairy Tale Consonants block. Kirven is chiming in and finishing my sentences and is excited to relive episodes from the book as we retell it. It's been tough (for me) letting the fairy tales go for now, but it has been the right decision).

Then we drew the numerals large on a separate page. We also saw how one can be represented by a single dot (think dominoes) and also by the circle (one side). Kirven's is below, and mine below that.

(As a side note, today while we were discussing the triangle for three and that it has three sides, Kirven thought back to this circle and was a little confused that it didn't have sides. I added a little snake head to show him that it was like a snake (one side) eating its tail.)

I'm really enjoying learning about number qualities myself. This wasn't something we ever covered in school, that I can remember. Kirven said to me, I didn't know numbers had magic! I didn't either. I really, really like how we are setting the foundation for noticing the patterns in math and breathing life into numbers.

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